Furniture, Interior Design and Decoration

The properties and versatility of KRION ® make it an ideal material for interior decoration, hotel facilities, commercial areas, ... as it is a mouldable material can be thermoformed to take advantage of small spaces or achieve special effects. You can backlight walls, counters, reception areas or windows in any commercial environment, producing a great visual impact.

In addition, because of its antibacterial properties and the possibility to create continuous surfaces without joints, this material cannot accumulate microorganisms, this reason makes it recommended for sanitary use, hospital and operating rooms where hygienic conditions should be maximum.

We also have extensive experience in plastics processing for applications in leisure equipment, such as children furniture, water and amusement parks, design elements, etc. This material is suitable for this type of products because it does not flake or have risk of injury from shrapnel, physiologically safe, resistant to water, chemicals and UV rays, dirt repellent and provides excellent mechanical strength and high rigidity.